Good Call!

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Congratulations!  What a great idea it was for you to have a look at this blog – the site of many semi-relevant, sort-of witty observations to come. 

Thanks for your interest, but apparently I have a good deal of writing to get on with. 

If this little introductory ramble is leaving you feeling less than satisfied, then check out some of the links over to the right – these people have worked harder than me to date, but they’d better get scared  – plenty more to come here!

Thanks for visiting – come again soon!

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  1. Hey – Welcome. Your links are great anyway.
    Except that I couldn’t leave a comment on flip flop flyin’s (or should that have a second apostrophe?) ladybug story, cos there wasn’t a comment facility on it. But that’s him, not you.
    I the meantime, what’s this strange shaking sensation I feel? Do you know, I think I’m literally quivering with anticip-p-pation about what your next posts will be.

    Comment by blackwatertown — March 17, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

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