The gloriously cheeky WePad, and how I know about it

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We’ve had a morning TV revolution at home.  Rather than inflict the tragically boring BBC Breakfast or the pure tabloidish hell of GMTV upon ourselves, we’ve elected to watch Euronews over our toast and coffee every day.  You might find this boring, too Euro-ish, meandering and yet somehow also repetitive (on a short loop) for you to be bothered with watching.  But look, if you do we’re just going to have to differ on that.  My life is better with Euronews in it, and I know it.  You get the news in loads of different countries with little bias other than Eurocentricity (and why not? It’s Euronews after all), and you get an interlude with art gallery listings across Europe, and a pretty funky weather section that tells you the temperature in Azerbaijan.  AND I know that Baku is the capital of that country – I might have found this out otherwise but I like to be reminded – every day, in the morning!

So today, my friend Icey Penguin and I were watching same, this time over our Friday boiled eggs (yes, every Friday), and we were delighted to see that a German company with a mere 200 staff called Neofonie have challenged the mighty Apple, not with another random laptop or PC that’s trying to be like a Mac by having some coloured cover or religious-cult-vibey marketing campaign, but with the WePad

The WePad has been making headlines for a few weeks now and yes, it is very like an iPad, looks like one, functions like one, is a similar size, and is clearly aiming at the same market.  The prices look broadly similar, too.  You can check out more detailed specs and comparison over on CrunchGear.

As you’ve probably noticed, the WePad beats the iPad with the inclusion of USB ports, so, like a lot of gizmos that rival Apple products from mp3 players to phones, it promises the freedom and utility of the Apple product without as many restrictions.  It also boasts a webcam and a bigger screen than an iPad.  Will it dazzle us with the level of aesthetically pleasing, possibly unnecessary fun-stuff we’ve become accustomed to from Apple products?  Well I don’t know anyone who has an iPad, let alone a WePad, so we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. i don’t watch a lot of TV these days (after watching Chris Morris’ “The Day Today” a couple of years ago I was profoundly affected and found myself giggling through most ‘real’ news broadcasts or waiting for a punch line at the end of SPORTS DESSSK(s)) then I had the misfortune to see ITV news one night, and they had a 360′ 3D studio where even the floor changed colour depending on the severity of the story… it was all too much.

    its commendable that you’re branching out to Euronews, although its no RussiaToday in terms of random news sources! anyway- now and then i’ll find myself on CNN International; very much worth while for their daily news programmes (mainly euro related in the morning) as well as a ‘global’ shows view from their HK/China desks- around 11pm. think its up there in the Euronews area 500’s on Sky?


    Comment by callum — April 20, 2010 @ 9:05 am
  2. Yeah, this is a great time to live in for news. Although those controlling it are hugely influential and it’s dumbing down so much (yes, ITV news!), we’re also seeing such a great variety, as you point out, from around the world. France 24 (and that’s France vingt quatr to stoners and coutch popatoes) is another quality one. I caught a Japanese English-language news network somewhere or other, which seemed CNN Europe-ish and thta was alright.

    It’s precisely the lack of the Day Today vibe (such a rare quality!) that draws me to Euronews.

    BTW, I hear Adrian Chiles is moving over to ITV and GMTV. Match made in heaven!

    Comment by comelybankingcrisis — April 21, 2010 @ 2:16 pm
  3. the internet casts a wide net in terms of news-y-ness. if you ever need see how crazy it could get the ‘merican stations are worth a shot, one of the bearable (only slightly) channels is MSNBC,

    that Japanese channel (NHK?) is pretty wonderful too!

    Comment by The Leither — April 21, 2010 @ 10:25 pm
  4. Thanks Leither, that bearable one rings a bell alright. I can’t remember the name of the Japanese one, I think I figured it was Japanese because of the names of reporters and N somewhere in the title, although NHK makes me think Hong Kong. It’s all one big lazing-around-on-a-german-hotel-bed blur!!

    Comment by comelybankingcrisis — April 23, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

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