This week is payday week, thank Christ!

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Eek, it’s been a five-weekend pay month!  Holidays have to be booked, passports have to be renewed (I’d rather gouge my own eyes out), work has to be done, and above all we’ve had a fairly beautiful weekend in Edinburgh.  Okay, Sunday wasn’t amazing all day, but generally there was plenty to draw one towards a beer garden.  Despite this, one persevered with cans of Tennents in the flat with the window open.  But we needn’t despair, Wednesday (like, right at the beginning of Wednesday, like Tuesday at midnight), one’s misery will end.

But it hasn’t been misery, really, just a touch of end-of-the-month frugality to soften the hedonism of the first couple of thirds.  Here are a few things I enjoyed.

1. Walking around outside.  You can’t beat it.  It’s free, normally healthy, and pretty in this city.

2. While doing same, popped into Leo’s Beanery on Howe Street for a gorgeous cup of coffee (one of a couple of indulgences which flew in the face the emergency budget).  I fully intend to comprehensively review this place as I think it’s a hidden gem.

3. Doctor Who, The Time of Angels.  The new series of the Doctor has been a little touch and go if you ask me – it’s teething.  This might well have been my favourite episode so far.  You can’t fault those weeping angels.  They were bound to bring them back.  They’re like the Borg of Doctor Who.  Awesome, intimidating villians who are seemingly indestructible.  If you’re not a fan, these are statues who only remain statues as long as they’re being watched; at all other times they’re totally murderous and absolutely moving around.  So basically they turn to stone when you look at them.  But they never tell you what material they’re made of otherwise.  It could be paper for all we know!  But an original take on a familiar form, which is a strong feature.  Looking forward to seeing where that goes.  Here’s a clip from the last series:

4. Yojimbo.  I’m going through a mini Akira Kurosawa movie season at home with no strict order to it.  Ran was recently watched and enjoyed.   Samurai King Lear works.  Yojimbo?  Many people would say this is a masterpiece and subject it to careful criticism and analysis.  For now, I’d rather just say I enjoyed it.  I have to admit I fell asleep a few times trying to watch it last week, but that was entirely the week I had rather than the film.  Finished it this weekend.  Happy to recommend it.  It’s a good, short, snappy film with a great soundtrack.  I had been wondering what film to start my Kurosawa season with and Ran happened accidentally.  Yojimbo would have been a better kick-off.

5. 500 Days of Summer.  The Comely Banking Crisis does Lovefilm and this one was on the Icy Penguin’s list, with the former, Yojimbo, being on mine.  We’re still digesting it but I think we both enjoyed it.  We were both frustrated by the female character, but that’s kind-of the point of the film.  A sort-of romantic comedy with a twist.   It thinks it’s Amelie a little bit, without all the magic or Paris.  Los Angeles is the setting and one of the things I enjoyed was the fact that the the male lead character is an architecture graduate who discusses LA and its architecture regularly.  This led me to think about another film set there, In Search of a Midnight Kiss, a better film actually, also portraying a brief-ish relationship and very much referencing its Californian backdrop.

But aside from these small mercies, we wait for the money!

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