Dear me

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Dear, dear, dear, dear me.

Killian, what is going on here? Not good enough, not good enough! Fallow might be a good idea in agriculture, but in blogging it’s plain lazy.

I never thought I would write this, but it has come to the point when I don’t even want to log into my blogging account for fear of becoming truely mindful of how long it’s been since my last post and how many readers have rightfully fecked off.

Commitment is what I need. Perseverence, descipline, application.

As many a middle-of-the-road blogger would ask, what do you think?

Sing me out Deep Pruple!

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  1. Nice of you to step out of the pub briefly and join us. You can go back in now and have some pancakes, bacon and maple syrup with your Guinness.

    Comment by blackwatertown — June 24, 2011 @ 12:10 am

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