Notes on an Identity Crisis

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It’s a perennial problem isn’t it? Naming yourself after a place. It’s always going to have constraints. And without the re-branding and strategic marketing gumption of the Bay City Rollers or the Village Voice, things can easily end badly.

Now I’m not, as you might think, having a jab at the Leither. Oh no; I’m having a jab at a Leither: me!

Yep. Moved to Leith. Don’t live in Comely Bank any more. Haven’t lived in Comely Bank for more than a year. I also work in Leith. So there you are: destiny? No. Aspiration, maybe. Love of the Shore plays its part.

Incidentally, there are not many people panicking about banking crises these days either. But you always knew mine was often (if not all of the time) figurative, right?


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