30th Olympiad or year of digging up the past?

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It’s not the end of 2012. This isn’t one of those retrospectives, written to remind turkey-stuffed Yuletide revelers that there are such things as current affairs, carefully shaped to imply that these things only happen in the rest of the year.

It’s just a thought for the day if you like; about, um, the hypothetical content of one of those retrospectives. If I were doing one. Which I’m not.

XXX Olympiad

2012, Olympics in London, we know, expensive and brilliant, but hasn’t it also been quite the year of digging up the (mostly dirty) past in the UK?

I’m thinking Jimmy Saville, the BBC and now the NHS, News International, Hacking, Leveson, and Hillsborough. Even Andy Murray, in his most successful year yet, had his accomplishments foreshadowed, rooted, and understood in the context of his distant predecessor Bunny Austin (not after the successes, before them; remember?). Now we’re talking about an inquiry into the police’s handling of the miners’ strike in 1984. It already has a name: the Orgreave Inquiry.

It’s particularly our critical revisiting of the culture of bygone show-business that’s bothering me. Don’t get me wrong: we should be doing it. But with the daily emergence of new victims, new accusations, proofs and heresay, I can’t help dreading the fall from grace of an as yet unknown childhood hero.

Who’s it going to be? What horrors remain to be uncovered in 2012?


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