Disturbing Musical Tastes

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Recently, the Comely Banking Crisis featured a post which, despite amounting to a selfless endeavour to share some quite extraordinary musical experiences, quite frankly fell flat.  The problem?  The music was far too obscure.  And weird.  And the taste, slightly disturbing.

And I’m afraid this issue runs beyond the blog and into one’s personal Facebook activity also.  Recently I tearfully shared knowledge of the death of the great Ronnie James Dio, a man who performed with both Rainbow and Black Sabbath – a truely lovely man with the voice of an angel (a heavy metal angel, obviously) – and got not so much as a ‘like’, lol, OMFG, or any such acknowledgement of shared grief.  The man is credited with popularizing the ‘devil horns’ sign!  The problem?  Dispite Dio’s dinosaur stature in a particular sub-genre, too obscure again!

So if you’re unfortunate enough not to know his work, give him a try.  He’s dead now so we should all do the decent thing and try to make him more famous than he was while alive.  I’m sure the current atmosphere of fondness for classic rock and metal stemming from underlying mockery à la Spinal Tap will help nay-sayers appreciate this 1977 clip of Dio with Rainbow performing Kill the King in Munich.  This is the stuff metal legends are made of:

On another dodgy musical front, this is Eurovision weekend!  Where will you be?  I know where I’ll be: at home, with friends, taking in the ENTIRE broadcast and attending my own glitzy after party.  Love the Euro!  Love the Eurovision!  Because that is what’s wrong with Europe and the Euro at the moment: not enough Euro-love!

Disturbing musical tastes indeed.

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