Passport to Edinburgh

This has been an exciting week in the realm of the Comely Banking Crisis.

The BBC reported on Tuesday that a bomb disposal team was called out to the University of Edinburgh to attend to an intimidating, apparently unexploded hand-grenade which some workmen found under a stair-well.  It later turned out that it was not a live device.

I can picture the scene.  Man A in mid conversation lifts a filing cabinet, and suddenly freezes in silent horror.  Man B, his interlocutor, doesn’t think.  His experience in the service has taught him not to.  He just grabs the menacing device and throws it in the direction of his other colleagues outside the door, who are standing around outside chatting and enjoying their bacon rolls.  Then Man B leaps to the ground, hands covering head.  Colleagues never speak to Man B again.

When the devise finally detonated, the resultant crater exposed a hoard of Burgundian treasure and a small document archive.  Experts in the university have reported that among the latter is a royal charter stating that the university and its grounds are officially ceded to the Duke of Burgundy in perpetuity, implying that all students and staff of the university are now, technically, French.

On Saturday, I watched Passport to Pimlico.  I am currently renewing my own passport too.

Key: truth; lies; speculation.

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