Let’s put this into perspective

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The Comely Banking Crisis has been a stressful working crisis for the last two weeks and as a result my blog has been hit by its first dry patch.  But there’s been plenty of election-related action to follow on every medium available so why would I spend time blogging when I could be playing with the BBC’s absorbing, interactive election map.  And more to the point, why would YOU be reading this? With all that excitment?

Anyway, to finish this spate of election related blogging, now that the sorry affair is over, I’m kicking back and putting things into perspective.  Pleased by the current winds of change?  Fancy a younger, handsomer PM?  Let’s not get carried away by such indulgences and contemplate who’s running the UK now.  And by the way, did you see that smile on the Queen’s face?  A Tory at last!


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