I thought I’d invented a new word…

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A bolivious gesture? Velezuelan President Hugo Chavez presents Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with yet another replica of Simone Bolivar's sword

The Comely Banking Crisis was at some point in the last day or two attempting to tell someone that he was ‘oblivious’, but through some confusion of the mind or speech impediment, this came out as ‘bolivious’.  Subsequent research into the use of this non-word on Urban Dictionary, corroborated by Cha Cha, has led me to the following definition:

“Believing that you are mindful or aware of something.  But you’re not.  But you SHOULD be.”

I must say I found this definition quite disappointing, to say the least.  This is because I wanted a little bit for this new word to be my own creation, therefore granting me the authorial right to its definition (a little naïve there, I’ll admit).  But mainly I was disappointed because I thought a much better definition would be:

“Believing that you are the great American Liberator Simone de Bolivar.  But you’re not.  But you SHOULD be.” 

(And I mean ‘American’ in the proper sense here.)  I would have preferred this one. 

Can you think of any bolivious world leaders?

192 years ago this very day, Simon de Bolivar was passing baggage across a ravine in Venezuela and narrowly escaped a Spanish attack.  Unfortunately, he lost the baggage.  

Honestly, where would we be without the internet?  Without useful knowledge like this!

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