Royal Weddings, etc.

April’s big UK wedding is drawing up a few contradictions and various other plainly weird things.  Apparently it isn’t actually a ‘Royal’ wedding in the strictest sense anyway because nobody getting married is a king or a queen or even a Prince of Wales. 

And then there are the commerative plates with no faces, the Facebook ranting bishop, and the erroniously applied ‘Peoples Wedding’ in some of the papers.  Great socialist slogan, folks, but seriously?  I guess royals have people and people have royals just as people have a collective identity and workers rights.

Anyway my favourite thing I’ve seen so far in connection with it was in today’s guardian: a trilogy of graphic novels, retelling the love story from the points of view of William and Kate separately, before a third and final installment.  Some of the usual grumbling, pseudonymed commenters at the bottom of the article seem to think it the ultimate about turn in relation to the press committment after William’s mother’s death not to obtrude into Royals’ personal business.  Erm, what, do they think the script writer and artists had to follow them around on scooters and stick cameras in their faces and bribe corrupt butlers to pruduce this?  Hokum! 

You can read the article here.

Here is creator Rich Johnson energetically discussing his field:

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