Snow is Cool in the Movies

House of Flying Daggers

This snow is ridiculous.  Really, need I say more?  Well, I want something to blog about, so yes!  People are stuck at home and unable to come into work (yeah, right!) and we’ve had continuous snowfall in Edinburgh all day and yesterday evening too.  And it’s the 31st March! 

What was the point of all my hopeful, studious observation of sunset and the time of the last dwindling light of each and every evening throughout January, February and March?  This?!

Well screw you, bad weather!  In today’s post, I have decided to come up with a way to look on the bright side, so here are five snowy movie moments that tell us that snow is, after all, really titillating, atmospheric and above all, cool.

In no particular order:

1.  Old Boy, closing sequence

Don’t worry, watching this doesn’t give the ending away.  Well, come on, it is the ending, but you know what I mean.  No spoilers here.  This is a beautiful sequence and I especially love the waltz which forms the centrepiece of the soundtrack.  If you like the look of it and haven’t seen this film, do so soon.  It’s well worth it.  Snow is beautiful and a little disturbing in Old Boy.

Watch it here

2.  Gladiator, Germania battle sequence

Romans, furs, dogs, archers, testudos, Germanic barbarians, Germania, Maximus, lobbing olive oil bombs, flaming arrows, forests, slow-motion Saving-Private-Ryan-type what’s-it-all-worth footage.  How dare anyone suggest that the perfect accompaniment is not snow?  Snow is cool in Gladiator, and so is the desert.  And both are definitely cooler than Maximus’s lame (ball-and-chain) Spanish farm.

Watch it here

3.  House of Flying Daggers, closing sequence

This film, probably the first real manifestation of the slippery slope Zhang Yimou has been on over the last few years, has a truly sketchy plot.  However, Zhang’s visuals are as beautiful as they are in any of his other films, and the snowy ending is no exception.  Snow is beautiful in House of Flying Daggers.  Is this a spoiler?  Yes and no.  It is, but the ending has very little logical coherence with the beginning of the film, or the middle, so it doesn’t matter.  Anyway, truly stunning visuals, that’s the point.

 Watch it here

4.  Dr Zhivago, most of…

This is not really uplifting at all, and doesn’t help me with my point, but I don’t think you can discuss snow in film without reference to Dr Zhivago.

Watch the trailer here

5.  Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers, opening sequence

New Zealand, the Misty Mountains, whatever way you want to look at it, beautiful snowy landscapes.  The film just gets better from there!

Watch it here

This list could really go on forever and I make no pretence to its being exhaustive.  To be honest, I’m trying to complete it as quickly as I can before it stops snowing!  Can you think of any others?

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