A book a day…

Hi folks – I know, I know – it’s been an outrageously long time since my last post.  What can you do when you’re busy at work and then, oh then, such a gorgeous spell of divine, sunny weather?  What better than to take a couple of days off work and ponder how far we’ve come since the horror of winter?  Better than blogging!

But I was compelled to return to the blog by the inspiration of a friend of mine over at Somnopolis, a blog by a true globe-trotter on all things couch-related barring psychotherapy (although that’s open to debate).  He and his wife have just moved to Australia, and while he’s sitting around waiting for his bridging visa, unable to work legally, his wife has come up with an excellent plan to foil that natural loss of morals which, as everybody knows, accompanies male idleness.

She has challenged him to use his state-given spare time to read a book every day, a review of which will be posted on his new blog a book a day till I can stay.  He has assured us that this is but a side project and that Somnopolis is inviolate and enduring.

His first read was Mira Grant’s Feed, “a self-contained political thriller that just so happens to feature zombies”.  He seems to really like this one.  I wonder if he’s putting off the troublesome tomes!  Can you think of any particularly onerous titles that we could challenge him to read in a day?  I’m all for a petition!  You’ve got to admit it’s an admirable project, so keep an eye on it.

Staying with things blog related, another friend of mine, a bona fide sports journalist no less, has started up his own American sports blog for European audiences called 3rd and Goal.  If like me you think this is a cryptic title, it isn’t: it’s probably just a sign that you should read the blog!

In other news, I’m happy today because the Irish passport office has apparently ‘printed’ my passport, so the online tracking tells me, despite a long-running industrial dispute and a backlog of 64,000 applications.  So my own globe-trotting  looks set to continue.  And now a letter to my bank manager…

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