Slow down and make the right choice

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I was looking for a flat in Edinburgh once and a pushy estate agent said something along the lines of, “If you see a property you like, go for it immediately; it’ll be off the market before you know it, and you won’t get it if you wait.”

I used to fall victim to this approach a lot. “Shit,” I would think. “I’m gonna miss out!”

We all have to be alert to those opportunities that come only once or twice in our lives, and we must sometimes take spontaneous decisions, sometimes risky decisions.

But there’s another kind of risk: waiting.

Waiting is scary. Waiting is risky. The worst thing about waiting, stalling, pausing, committing the crime of culpable hiatus, is the fear that this is the last such-and-such opportunity, or at least the best one that’ll come along.

It’s a personal decision, a judgement to be made mostly with the gut and to some extent with experience.

Right now, I’m waiting a little…

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