Woodland Hipsters…

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Woodland Creatures

A new bar has opened on Leith Walk called Woodland Creatures. I’ve been three times now (you know, I wanted to be one of the first to try it, to make myself look cool and everything, with the added bonus of a drink or two.)

I threw a quick review into Yelp and thought I’d share the same thoughts here…

This (and any other reviews to date) must be considered only first impressions because the place has just opened its doors and is not even serving food yet, which it will be very soon – they’re still putting finishing touches on the kitchen.

For a bit of context, I’ve put my head in here twice to wander around and just have a look and I’ve spent one proper evening drinking.

I’m a fan

First impressions, I’m definitely a fan. Great drink selection, plenty of standing room and not an unreasonable proportion of floor space dedicated to seating, which is thoughtfully arranged within the space. I don’t see a problem with the decor at all, I like it a lot actually. The main room is arguably lacking character a LITTLE when the place is quiet, in that it has just opened and, come on, give them a chance, but the same space works really well when busy – room to swing your elbows a bit. The blacks, browns and wood give the place an austere but warm atmosphere.

The smaller, brighter space to the right behind the bar area is the more challenging aesthetically, a kind of gallery space with funky seating from old cinemas and theatres. Ask yourself: do you really want this, weird but comfortable seats, art on the walls? YES!!

Hegemonic, shabby-chic competitors

In terms of the Leith Walk competitors: Victoria, as much as I do genuinely like it, now has a welcome antidote across the road. I absolutely don’t buy the idea that V’s should be a blueprint and standard for new bars in this area. Diversity is key. Woodland Creatures is a GREAT contribution to this diversity. I understand the ‘hipstery’ comments but honestly I don’t care in the slightest; it comes with the territory, always, for a place like this (as it does across the road).

Besides hipster is word, not an actual thing. I don’t believe in the existence of hipsters.

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