The things filling my bandwidth

This blog has taken quite the hit recently. Its author recently logged in and was more than a little shocked to realise that there were no posts at all uploaded during February. That has been the result of two things. The first is that I currently have two jobs, one of which is copy-writing. So basically, I more or less blog for the better part of my living now, hence reluctance to also do it as a hobby. I suppose I must get used to the new configuration of my work/life balance and find a space in there to do what I love.

The second reason is I’ve been seeing a lot less art, reading a lot less, and watching a lot more of this type of thing:

Workday montage, if only!

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Today has been such a hectic day at work so far.  I really can’t believe that I’ve decided to start writing for a blog in the midst of this day I’m having, the irresponsibility!  I disgust myself!  But that’s the way it is sometimes.  Busy busy busy and then stupid.

Wishing your life away

I just wanted to share one thing, though.  Do you think you would like to have a ‘montage’ option for busy days at work?  Put it like this: would you like to get through a busy day in an exciting dream-like state, with motivational music playing in the background, with the whole day lasting ten minutes maximum, and all your work done at the end of it?

Sometimes in the morning I think I would just love this!  The whole ‘I wish somebody else would go into work for me’ sort of feeling.  But I’m going to step out and say it: no, I don’t want this, because I would never wish my life away, even for one day.  But, I wouldn’t begrudge anyone the odd fantasy.

So here’s something from the fabulous Team America World Police to contemplate while you’re being a busy little bee around the office.  Anyone have any others to share?  Now back to work!

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